Together We Can

Together We Can

Last year, WillowBend Farms served 211 survivors of human trafficking in our home, Bradley County, Tennessee and in the other 26 counties we serve.

Behind this big number are 211 individual people - men and women, boys and girls, of all races and ages. These are people just like you:

211 individuals who deserve food, shelter, and love.
211 individuals with unique talents and abilities to give to the world.
211 individuals who dream of a better life.

Our new monthly partnership opportunity, Together We Can, gives you a chance to get to know one of these individuals at a deeper level.

For your monthly partnership of $100 or more, we will send you a Together We Can frame as a symbolic expression of the survivor you are supporting with your gift.

Each frame comes with a reminder of Isaiah 61:1-3, the scripture we pray over all of these individuals. By joining together to declare these words over a survivor, we believe we will see the promise of the Lord fulfilled in each of their lives.

Survivors don't see themselves as survivors. They see themselves as Allie. As Miguel. As Chloe. As Jayda.

Alone, none of us can make a difference for any of these individuals. But Together We Can.